Ride for a Child World Record Attempt 2024

Ride for a Child & WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT 2024
The most motorbikes riding in staggered formation as a single group in support of sick Children.
February 2024 will be our 5th ride for a child 7000 km charity motorbike ride around South Africa, to collect funds for poor children’s surgeries and medical treatment. We need you, the biker community to make the 5th “Ride for a Child” bike ride a world record breaking event.
The name of this world record attempt is: “Ride for a Child”.
On Saturday the 24th February 2024 Pediatric care Africa request all motorbike clubs, motorbike organizations and bike riders in the Western, Eastern Capes and South Africa to please join Dr André Hattingh in this planned massive bike ride in staggered formation, from +-50km before the Caltex Mentors Plaza near Jeffreys Bay on the N2 to Jeffreys bay.
To establish this record, we need a minimum of 4500 motorbikes to ride as one group in staggered formation, for the last 50km to Jeffreys bay for this world record attempt, and we will formally lodge our record attempt with RecordSetters in the USA.
The record attempt will be screened on several TV stations including in Australia.
We have a two-pronged approach with bike groups approaching the rendezvous point from both the West and the East on the N2.
Western bike groups will approach Jeffreys Bay from the Cape Town/George side (West) on the N2 where the first group of record attempt Bikers, will depart at 07h30 on the N2 highway near the N2 Sasol garage in George so that everyone can fill up with fuel first (Exact location will be supplied). This Western procession will be joined by riders en route coming from Oudtshoorn and beyond, Knysna, Plettenburg Bay, Storms River and other parts of South Africa and the idee is that we meet up with the biker groups coming from the East such as PE, Grahamstown and East London on the N2 approximately 50km before the Caltex Mentors Plaza on the N2 where the actual official world record attempt will begin.
The exact spot where riders approaching from the West and East will meet at the rendezvous point will be advised, as we will rely on the input and advice from the local traffic department nearer to the time.
However the rendezvous point will be about 50km before reaching the Caltex Mentors Plaza coming from the West (George) direction, resulting that riders and clubs approaching from the East (PE direction) will ride past Jeffreys Bay first, for all riders to first meet up at the rendezvous point.
We will all stop on the side of the N2 highway at this rendezvous point by 12h00, to allow all bikes to get into a staggered formation. On signal and once everyone is in position, we will all start our engines and drive as one solid group to the final point in Jefferys Bay. This is where the actual official record attempt will happen. Our speed for the actual world record attempt and the last 50km on our route will be 60/70km per hour. This is for safety reasons and to allow for the counting of the bikes and photographic opportunities.
We need at least 50km for this world record attempt where all participants ride in a staggered formation as one group, to allow enough time for bikes to be counted as we drive under the bridges, aerial photos to be taken and news and TV cameras to capture the event.
Enough parking, toilets, food stalls and beer will be available and waiting for us in Jefferys Bay which we will reach around 13h00, allowing enough time for lunch and to socialise, taking of photos, purchase of event badges and so on before dispersing and the riders from Pediatric care Africa carry on to overnight in East London!
We ask that all Presidents and National Presidents of MCC/MC in the Western and Eastern Cape and South Africa and individual motor bike riders throughout SA, to please book Saturday the 24th February 2024 in your diaries, and to join our effort to help sick underprivileged children and establish a world record in the process.
Special record attempt badges and Dr Andre’s cook book, “Cooking with Doc” will be available for sale at the end of the ride as all badge and book sales goes directly to Pediatric care Africa. Remember to diarise and book this date please biker brothers and sisters, and let us show the world what South African bikers can do.
Motorbike clubs from the Garden route area that knows the area well and is willing to assist with marshals, Traffic department arrangements etc on the day, please contact Surika on how to make this event a full-on success.
Surika’s e mail: info@pediatriccareafrica.org and for WhatsApp’s 076 299 5663 / 076 756 6155.
With respect
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