New born babies!

Meeting brand “new” babies in 32 degree heat!!!
After a unusually busy week, we did our last food delivery of the week in 32 degree heat and had the pleasure to meet 3 recently born babies, all of them in good health and absolutely beautiful.
There is nothing like a little 3 day old to cheer up your day, and we are so grateful that we are able to help them and other children like them…
Without the support of people like Jo-Anne of Crossing shopping centre, who incidentally is a miracle worker for always helping us when we need it most, and we wish to thank Crossing Nelspruit, the centre that is the #myheartbeat of Nelspruit, that continues to supports Pediatric Care Africa and the on-going nutritional and healthcare outreaches done by Dr Andre Hattingh, the Pediatric Care Africa Team and the many medical professionals and volunteers involved.
Children find everything in nothing; men find nothing in everything.
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