Parcel after parcel!!

Parcel after parcel!!!

Our phone never stops ringing anymore with dozens of persons per day requiring food assistance..

From a new born baby in Hospital whose Mom is unable to feed her due to surgery, to an elderly stroke patient living in an apartment, we stand by our community and strive to help every legitimate individual who ask us for help.

It seems that a few persons is trying to benefit unduly from other persons generosity, by asking many NGO’s for food and help at the same time thereby receiving multiple food parcels, leaving other persons who is in real need without food.

I even found some of our donated products for sale in a small Spaza shop in Msholozi recently.

Remember folks, if you cheat your neighbours are bound to turn on you as nobody likes a cheater. Once caught out, who will respond to your cries for help again when your food runs out?

For the 99.9% of honest folks out there, we are proud to be part of the Mpumalanga community, and will do whatever we can to assist you, our community.

Anne Frank said “ No one has ever become poor by giving”.


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