Pediatric Surgeries recommencing!!

Pediatric Surgeries recommencing!!

Due to Covid lockdown and restrictions our surgical programme grinded to a screeching halt, but thanks to the lifting of restrictions our first “Post Covid” surgery is scheduled for Monday 12th October 2020.

This young boy will receive surgery to his right eye which is long overdue, to restore him back to normal sight.

A number of surgeries are scheduled or in the pipeline for the remainder of this year for example a very important surgery to a young mans throat to remove Laryngeal Papillomatosis growth that severely affected his vocal cords and is constricting his Larynx which is scheduled for the 9th December 2020.

In an attempt to gain some lost ground we are pulling out all stops as we are fast approaching Christmas.

With so many children requiring medical attention, we have our work cut out for us….



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