Ride for a child day 6 Vryburg – Upington

Ride for a child day 6 Vryburg – Upington

Visiting an orphanage!!

We received a hero’s welcome from the Kalahari mall and Woolworths Kalahari mall in Upington this morning and was given “happy socks” to wear as Friday is happy sock day at Woolworths Kalahari mall in Uppington where all the Woolworths staff wear colourful happy socks to collect money to assist their local community.

Having ridden over 2000km Upington is our first rest stop, where we could have our clothing washed, motorbikes repaired and just have an off day from ridding to rest our sore muscles a bit.

Upington is my personal favourite stop on our long route around South Africa, as the people here are very special from Aunty Evelyn who makes the most delicious food for us, to the extend that none of us want to leave Upington as aunty Evelyn’s food is legendary to the most awesome support from the Wild Bulls MCC Upington who left no stone unturned to make us feel welcome and held a auction at their clubhouse for Pediatric care Africa and raised over R8000-00 for our cause.

I had a problem with my Harley’s exhaust that came loose as I lost a bracket holding it near Klaserie, and we made emergency road side repairs to it with cable ties hoping to have it fixed professionally in Upington which we did. I took my Harley to Fit-It Upington and they manufactured a new bracket for me and checked the rest of the exhaust system just to discover that I was about to loose my exhausts on both sides. Expecting a hefty bill for the fabrication and 2 hours work on my bike but instead of a bill I was given a cup of coffee and the owner offered to promote our cause to his network of friends and business associates. That was great and I appreciate your kindness, thank you Fit-it!

We visited a local orphanage called Jogebed Care Centre Upington that take care of children aged 4 to 15 and especially for our visit Woolworths Kalahari mall, supplied us with Back to school parcels for every single child in the Orphanage and on top of that a individual parcel containing sweets, chocolates and all nice things kids dream off.

We were accommodated at the very upmarket The Maxton Boutique Hotel Upington and was treated like VIP’s and we left the Maxton Hotel hoping to return next year on our 2022 “Ride for a child” charity ride as we loved it.

Meeting the Wild Bulls Motorbike club in the morning we were escorted out of Upington by a large group of local bikers.

What an absolute honour and pleasure to visit the people of Upington as you must be some of the friendliest and warmest people in South Africa.

We will be back next year.


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