Stormy weather and a promised delivery!

Stormy weather and a promised delivery!

Not even a massive head cold and stormy weather on Long Tom pass could delay our 2nd last food delivery of 2019.

19 December 2019. Heavily loaded with + 2 tons of non-perishable food, butternuts from KMI farms and brand new clothing from Woolworths we drove in 1st gear up the pass in a torrential downpour to keep our promise and deliver what we promised to Soli-Deo-Gloria Care Centre in Lydenburg.

Arriving at Soli-Deo-Gloria late, very grumpy and with a throbbing headache and a runny nose one of the ladies thankfully came to my rescue with a cup of coffee. I never got the name of the kind lady, but thank you very much for the coffee…..!

KMI farms and Woolworths, I can not sing your praises enough for what you have done throughout the year!! Thank you!

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