Thank you Skankane Transport!!

Thank you Skankane Transport!

Thank you Skankane transport for your wonderful R10 000-00 donation towards purchasing this little girls braces, we are now halfway there thanks to your generosity.

A set of Orthotic braces for this little girl costs over R20 628-00 per set, and she needs braces if she is to ever have a reasonable gait and walking ability.

Due to the high cost of these specialist braces, we need to urgently do a fundraising for her as there is simply no other way to improve her walking and gait without braces, and the set on loan she currently use on the photograph need to be returned to the supplier, leaving her back at square one.

Should you wish to contribute to the purchase of her Orthotic braces which would be absolutely wonderful and a huge help, please visit our website at and click on the red donate button. Please use “Orthotic braces” as reference.

All donors qualify for a 18A tax certificate for the full value of the donation if required.

Skankane Transport has helped many persons in need before, which makes you true life heroes to the kids, who’s life’s are changed due to your help.

You are truckers with heart!

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