Very chilly Lydenburg!

Very chilly in Lydenburg!

Loaded to the brim with food, blankets, toys and clothing we travelled to a very chilly Lydenburg early in the morning, to assist the 120 or so folks living at Soli-Deo-Gloria Care Centre Lydenburg.

Helen Lemon from Helen Lemon Estate Agency managed to collect 112 brand new blankets for us, that was handed out to every man, woman and child at Soli-Deo-Gloria! Helen you rock, thank you!!

Meat from Mikon Farming was a definite winner today, as their meat supply was depleted and the ladies at the White River Dutch reformed church “NG Kerk” handed us specially packed clothing according to size for a number of people in dire need of winter clothing. Carefully sorted, neatly packed and exactly to size, how can we possibly thank Annamare Ferreira and the awesome ladies at the church who helped to made this great donation possible and generously gave me bananas and oranges on top! In the process of collecting the clothing, I think I annoyed an elderly (young) lady in a blue car, by not parking my trailer completely out of her way. “Askuus tog Tannie…!”

There is a very special little girl living at Soli-Deo-Gloria that I simply can’t help spoiling a little, and today she received fantastic gifts from a anonymous donor in the form of a push pram, bicycle, a swing and loads of other goodies specially made to make little girls happy…

Thank you Heidel Eggs for the eggs we receive from you weekly and Tamar for the very well made masks, which we supplied to Soli-Deo-Gloria today.

Enough chatter for now, it is time to load up food for the next delivery..

If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one!



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