No time to rest!

No time to rest!

With a cold front warning and mother nature threatening to bring extreme cold weather, our first priority was to deliver a ton of wood to Katoen and wood and blankets to Magalela informal settlement to help them through the forthcoming cold front as their tents and makeshift housing will not offer enough protection against the looming cold.

We received around 20 cubic meters of very welcome and needed firewood from our friends at White House Lodge, and the persons we delivered it to says “Vielen Dank!!”

The ladies spend their day taking care of children with medical issues and getting them to their medical appointments on time, whilst the rest of the team was delivering food parcels we received from HCI Foundation and eNCA and Lunchbox fund to persons living at Katoen and upper Msholozi.

The HCI foundation food parcel deliveries, will be completed on Thursday morning as the last of the 300 food parcels we received from them will be delivered to Kabekweni then.

We added a bag of 12.5kg maize meal, vegetables, citrus fruit and assorted tin food we received from GB2C to each of the lunch box fund food parcels delivered, to make it go a bit further and last a bit longer.

We thank the HCI foundation and eNCA for their magnificent donation to the people of Mpumalanga.

We truly appreciate what you have given to us and the people in our community we proudly serve!

During this lockdown period, I have learned that being kind is far more important than being right….


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