Specialist surgery!

Specialist surgery!
We received a call for assistance for a 3 year old that was born with Hirschsprung’s disease and had a diverting colostomy done.
We took the small patient to see Specialist paediatric surgeon Dr Elliot Motloung at Riverside medical Centre in Nelspruit, who did a thorough investigation and examination and recommended abdominal surgery in the form of a “pull through procedure” and closure of the colostomy.
We are working on his surgery for August 2022 at Kiaat Hospital in conjunction with Dr Elliot Motloung, and we are very excited about giving this young patient a new lease on life.
Dr Elliot, thank you very much for your very kind assistance with this small child and your willingness to assist a unfortunate little person to hugely improve his quality of life….
You are our hero!
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