We are lost without you…!

We are lost without you!

A few people who helped made it possible for us to accomplish the following in 2019.

Pediatric care Africa has delivered and distributed no less than 42 tons of food in 2019 for people that had no food otherwise?

Help us to feed 350 children every single month?

Allowed us to travel over 18000 km to get medical and food help to persons in need.

416 local children received medical treatment.

We conducted and or organized 20 surgeries this year.

We distributed a total of 102 000 doses of Cholera medicine during the Cyclone Idai in Mozambique in March.

We distributed R40 000-00 worth of medicines to the victims of Cyclone Idai thanks to Sizabantu Piping Systems in Nelspruit.

And that is just the things I can remember…?

All of this was made possible by persons just like you.

Awesome isn’t it?

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